Sidewalk flower beds turned into building
Nguyen Huu Tho Street sidewalk (intersection with Nguyen Thi Thap to Rach Bang 2, Tan Hung Ward, District 7) are clear, clean, tiled decorum was suddenly building construction unit Sunrise company and build tanks dug bounce Florists (photo 1). Should, if you want to create beauty, landscape ...
AAA shared grief with family murdered girl
When the news media commotion murder, Phan Ngoc Duyen Huynh girls (14 years old, 9th grade students, live on Nguyen Tat Thanh, P18, Q4, HCMC) thief was murdered at his home at noon 4-9.

Binh Duong

Pacific prohibits officials and employees carry a wreath to the funeral
Binh Duong Province People\'s Committee has issued regulations "implementing a civilized lifestyle in the wedding, the funeral of the province", takes effect from the date of 27.9. Notably, the rules of a civilized lifestyle in mourning, in Article 8 provides that:
Two thieves pried 4 motel room door before being knight
Dang Van Quang, the boarding house in KP3, P.Phu Benefits, City of Thu Dau Mot, Binh Duong discovered pry 4 motel room door to retrieve stolen assets afternoon 8-9, SOS phone immediately knight Nguyen Thanh Hai, Hoa P.Phu PCTP team leaders.

Đong Nai

After minutes of sex, use a knife ...
After minutes of passionate sex with your partner stay at home, the situation was out of hand digging flower rob the jewelry you\'re wearing on people. Rejection, Si knife concealed under the head of the bed with the knife slashes you in the face, shoulders, hands ..., then climb the wall to escape.
Staff crush barrier porridge, knocked train cars series
Skip notification requirements apply to ships rapids guards on duty to leave go sure porridge made ​​free cars clogging up the ... The train rushed, the accident occurred in 2 deaths, 24 victims injury.

Binh Phuoc

The National Assembly deputies voters Loc Ninh district
Today (3-10), the deputies of the National Assembly XIII provinces, including Mr. Tran Ngoc Thuan, General Director of the Rubber Industry Group Vietnam; Ms. Dieu Huynh Thi Sang, Deputy Director of the Management Board relic provincial voters two Thien Loc and Loc Hung (Loc Ninh).

Ba Ria - Vung Tau

South East Youth Festival production of good
Festival takes place two days 30.9 and 1:10 in Dong Nai province. The festival has honored 80 young mirror production, represents good business in 6 provinces comprising southeastern Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Binh Thuan, Tay Ninh, Ba Ria - Vung Tau and Ho Chi Minh City .

Tay Ninh

- 10.7 days dawn Ha Quoc Thai (born 1941, lives Group 3, incubation Thien Truong, Truong Hoa commune to commune police frantically reporting about thieves breaking into the stolen motorcycle 70L1-0789 BS with the squeeze leather in car trunk containing papers and personal papers.
Blue ear disease
BTNO) - Animal Health Department said Tay Ninh, on 10.03.2011, there were 17 remote towns in five districts in the province is the demand side, Tan Bien, Tan Chau, Chau Thanh and Dau Go have blue ear pig disease . The province has about 160 households have swine disease quantities up to 2,000; ...