Detective: Career true underground

No certification, tool support, job demands always adventurous, intelligent, strong will and are willing to accept accident, it is a portrait of the detective profession. They earn their living by the sweat and even blood in his career and admitted his "true profession creep".

Forest dodging cars, Compliance followed a brat just lost marks. "Prey" of Compliance famous fiddle-faddle. No doubt, through the red light area, you're warm "tail docking" Compliance whipped phone contact with the other members of the group, padded "prey" in the expected location. Just to see how far the object ball a few dozen meters, the new Compliance relieved, bring pen and paper to record information. "His parents have asked us this detailed report on the daily activities of their children," Obey said.

Nguyen Van Huynh, security guards of a security services company in HCMC, wealthy women hire a monitor to find evidence of infidelity old husband likes to play in the face. She also require images to "catch red-handed take forehead" and called for her to know that it is probable location. Stalking weeks, then fight fiercely jealous of his wife, takes place in Hai Ba Trung hotel. "It's time to rethink that still chills, go to resolve the affair plot twists that I hesitate," Huynh said.

"A beverage manufacturer we are grateful that" a company boss said protecting celebrities. The company is the agent in the Mekong Delta did not return bottles to reason "is the flood swept away all". The security company surveys, to gather sufficient evidence that camera when the agent is put in cargo handling glass furnaces. Undeniably, the dealer must pay for each visit and no money "to lose any more credibility."

No fewer occupational accidents occurring to the detective. Tran Xuan Nguyen is tasked with protecting a woman's former lover was threatening. When determining the situation is quite serious, reason to take this woman to go to work, pick up the afternoon. In a time line of duty, former and three men were hand rolled chase dirt. "May they get the right bottle to bring to acid violence is unpredictable consequences," said Nguyen laugh. Nguyen also told about an accident he could not forget. Accidentally tracking objects in time, he was shooting 814 inspection team, he had to explain to "cut the tongue" but my wife will not believe it when I see your face cheering, booing on the dance floor.

Compliance also "sticks taste" when you follow an object in pubs on Dien Bien Phu Street. He said sadly: "If there is an accident no one worry, no one to protect themselves. Journalists met police or something but I can practice them, then ... we have to."

The work is dangerous but limited salary. As he watched the warm service, Compliance and members are his parents paid for every 100,000 brothers / day. Many cases brothers in arms according to the object or place to eat when they play the whole day going. "Careers in blood and eat, but why have accepted, after a useful work, to show his joy for his chosen profession," Obey said.

(According to Labor)