Husband had children with cave

I am 26 years old this year, making the state. I was married almost 3 years and have a 15 month old baby girl. As I write this, the center of my heart is very tangled.

According to the comments of people, I was a pretty girl, cute and healthy baby home. And my husband is ridiculously wealthy, spoiled parents since childhood and even now he's still relying on family, worry not know themselves despite nearly 40 years.
I took him through an acquaintance introduced and we love each other just married almost 1 year. After the wedding I knew he was human once notorious playboy, gambling, prostitution ... but I do not care about the past. When I was born my daughter was a few months, and I found out he had ex telephone calls back and forth to each other. Before my husband and the other woman ever live together as husband and wife, there is a cave girl should not get my husband but with her own children.

When I found out I had to remind him, not what he did not hear me, but the curse is miscellaneous. That girl has a lot of phone calls cursing me and threatening me in the face acid attacks. I've looked at a lot of that but she just broke my family and also my husband and asked for money for his brother asking for money my husband anymore. The incident took place so that I can not stand and fight with him. He has hit me several times but I was trying to give me bear my father.

I also suffered a feudal family, as daughter is nothing, I have tried to take care of the family but in the end was not that what they say. Moreover, my husband is very stingy to me, never gave me money, give me money if shopping is also calculated each day. Life is so suffocating me and he and I quarreled.

He had heard his parents are divorced incited me. His mom told my mom that "I do not see where she is alone." And what was to come, he divorced my application and also all the way out to my house with empty hands, of course I would feed my daughter. I told him that the couple probably not so ungrateful or what? But he still makes his opinion, because everything ever get his family are parents or siblings to build only. He can not stand her. I also injured my child it would be very difficult and disadvantaged than other children.

Now my husband has filed for divorce and then just wait for the day we go to court alone. I not only committed no interest is perhaps my husband to serve, to give birth to him and now to be treated like that?

According to the Star