Both my wife and my dad wants to die

I am a man 31 years old, I got married 5 years and have a 4 year old niece. My husband and I are both state officials and have a stable life.

I consider myself as a people person commented that I was responsible living, enthusiasm for the job, position in society and potentially very good advancement. Life on our normal place. But there are things I can not expect to be happening to me.


Ảnh minh họa.


During a business trip to communicate with your agency, I had a colleague familiar, at first you just adore each other, what work and family share together. Then gradually as our emotional development days, and I know she is very different, share in life and help in the work, and then me and she fell in love and have a deep affection .

Then, wrap the needle in was also exposed, my wife and family knew we had an argument, my wife, and she was talking and cursing on the phone, I made ​​a promise to his family and his wife would not continue the relationship any more. But in reality, I was not able to do, me and her continued relationship. I know that they have caused the error, so I myself do not dare blame yourself. But now both my wife and she has not wanted to live the expression, I was puzzled.

In fact now between me and wife only responsible, emotionally as well have faded, I was afraid to go home. But I see your love for her more, I'm happy and happy to be with her. I do not want to lose the father, the wife lost her husband, but if you have to live every day and every wife on vacation, I do not trust and love between my wife and I have gone, I can not stand it. Please give me some advice.

Sincerely thank you!