Detective Sherlock Holmes revival

British writer Anthony Horowitz has been managing the estate held by the author Conan Doyle 'in safe hands' to become who wrote novels about the famous detective land of fog. > Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes considered a burden / Auction of rare manuscripts Sherlock Holmes story

Horowitz, who is famous for Alex Rider children's series, was held Conan Doyle estate administration empowered composing a new novel with the main character, Sherlock Holmes, the famous detective lives at 221B homes Baker Street in London. Her most recent book of Sherlock Holmes will be released in September this year, by Orion Publishing (UK) published.

Organization and management of heritage Conan Doyle studied models of a similar organization in the name of Ian Fleming, author of the novel about the famous spy James Bond. In 2008, two writers and Charlie Higson Sebastian Faulks was awarded the right to write the spy story to have 007 aliases.

According to the Guardian, Anthony Horowitz intends to keep the Victorian context in the original novel. The writer made ​​a promise to work "extremely mysterious for modern audiences but still keep the spirit of the original."

Jon Wood, Orion Publishing editor, said they decided to choose Horowitz as "writer's passion for Sherlock Holmes and the possibility of his ingenious narrative will make a new story with no loss of appetite inherent result of the original but also brings the famous detective to new generations of readers. "