Steam mixed with detective

Like their male colleagues, female detective rode around the corner, trace objects. Many of you have transformed into her cave, the external economic and PR staff ... to face any danger. Women also have said detectives balancing career family, and love.

Huong daily commute as a person of ordinary employees. Everyone in the family knew her as well as specialized company in providing information. No one thinks a woman has this tiny body was a private detective. Speaking to this profession, people often imagine the image of a mature man, energetic and talented resolved fairly certain situations. But along with other male colleagues in the company, Ms. Huong has also participated in many cases very good finish.

Graduated from the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, please go to Huong in some companies. But you always have something to promote, do you feel your current job is only temporary, it is not really a passion of his. When he was a student, her students enjoyed reading Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

She said: "I do not doubt, reading the characters in the novel that deeply penetrate her so. To become a detective when I understood the meaning of the story, the character information processing that has to do ". Huong said that, when reading this book, you know just called a first step, the general sense of craft. As each individual practice to apply that knowledge is important as many new. Initially entering the world comes from that mystery.

Casually reading a page of information on security alarm, she filed for recruitment and struck detective. When a new job, Ms. Huong has her first born son was 6 months old. She said that, do not know what motivated her to follow the career boost. All the beginnings of a female detective as she faced many difficulties, the work has had, the family is even more restrictions. Husband to take the Italian business, stay at home mom to two together.

Every time her husband was away, she put the child to guide his grandparents shelter to the operation had "rear" help. She said: "Limitations of detective majority is due to familial factors. I myself have the necessary time to complete the assigned task is boss. There sessions are 10pm-range, folding directors reported working an affair at the end of Bac Giang. I "dumped" into the room at her grandmother and then with a male colleague to a circuit in the night, to the address provided customers ".

According to Huong, factors to become a detective who generally love the job, passion for it. As for the detective should have more health. Course was a detective, the ability of quick, deft handling of critical situations, it is the decision of the success of assigned tasks. She laughed and said: "Our profession and acting akin to each other. Also dressed as the character. But there are things we always took the view that the role of the masses who do not know ".

Due to the nature of work must always move trace objects often female detective should not be allowed to wear her skirt, hair dyed blue or red. Many busy husband from abroad to Vietnam to visit his wife and children, Huong and pulse in a beautiful dress glamorous but when you go to the store in the closet. The husband asked his wife why not wear that to change out, she just smiled said "no facilities".

Currently he did not know the actual occupation of his wife, but she determined to do well will tell her husband at a suitable time. Huong said: "Fortunately he crushed once a year on the water. But if you live in Vietnam, that the wife always have to go "unexpected" make him doubt me. But actually say so sooner or later. If there are "problems", I will "declare" their profession always make him understand. "

Among detective, girl Hoang Yen Nhi also "squeezed" in a decent job. Graduated from College of Transport in economics, joined Children's in detective company for 2 years. In career from scratch: not knowing, not understanding, but can not say the experience was quite mature now her job. Children are brothers and sisters ahead of guidance, practice regularly. She was pretty quick to grasp situations occur during operation and how to resolve them rationally.

Children said: "I like long sleuthing. Walking ago, I oriented to fulfilling the police that he would contribute to solving the case. But for some reason that I quit that dream. But I still think I will follow his idol James Bond character ". Eventually, Children achieve well of herself voluntarily basis. Children's main job is assigned to an array of economic, education majors in college she Communications. She shared that, when tracking objects in the field of economics, she always found myself confident and complete assigned work boss.

But was that a determined detective Children must know to lose a lot of romance, or may have to deal with the difficulties in your business processes. She honestly said that she loves the person who really is a sympathetic man, the new feelings are not broken. Over 2 love but she does not stop at the station for the second time are in progress, and her lover have yet to find a common voice in recognition of her professional work. According sleuthing, Nhi-offs not at his personal problems.

Not only economic engagement, Children also do the social network. In this field, she has said herself faced many difficulties. Children said: "Social colorful, looks like, each individual is a different personality, all created in the multidimensional relationship through again. Yet, the more complicated the more you draw themselves much experience. "