Investigation affair

According to "pocket", 90% of husbands are always at risk of infidelity. Do not be startled by your husband may be located in the remaining 10%. But vigilance and better understand men will not admit. Wife always old-young lovers always!

In vaquan social work, the first man awake, but romance is different. Especially now, there are around him young girls with erotic modern perspective "nothing to lose", ready for, receiving easy. Even more troubling is that she is ready to go without recourse conditions.
Meanwhile, the man who did not feel confused when looking for a partner shelter. Sometimes adultery because they want to escape from the family conflict or to appease the offended part men have more or less abraded in the living. By better than his wife who had always sweet and gentle.

One obvious thing that people love to look young and old wives always. Maybe the wife is not really old, but worries about family, children always make them frown and always have the need to discuss and exchange ideas with her ​​husband, this man makes a long gradual stabbing afraid of the conversation "discussion" very often lead to conflict.

The signals "ALARM"

If it detects the following expression, you be careful!

1. Lying: It is impossible to tell the truth when there are shady relationship, not in the morning. Of course there is the lie prepared, you hardly recognize. But if you are of Hispanic origin sensitive, sometimes just a little gesture different, you have enough notice.

2. Timeline changes: Suddenly your husband unscheduled meetings or surprise friends, times change slightly strange. He or explained by this narrative you like this guy, the other guy you like that, but you never know exactly about the job and the house of the "yellow friend" thing at all.
3. Taking little more than superficial: he tended to wear clothes more everyday. Specifically want the folds are more frank and complain that clothes are now rapidly degraded color, tight and short, and by the way a bunch of new clothes shopping.

4. Changing some habits: Smoke a lot harder to go to the movies or rent a movie to watch, this habit never had before. Or sitting alone mumbling singing the love song, a dreamy face and you suddenly startled when approached from behind.

5. Having family responsibilities with much higher: In the past he has or lazy to do the work assigned to you, such as: the shuttle, buy toiletries ... but now he's done fast and singing, exceeding the target so you do not have to bother about the charge vanhiec irresponsible hook again.

6. Softer or more in behaving rudely: Maybe he'll be more gentle, way over your mind. You want what he's trying to finish as soon as possible. But there are also people become more frustrated, annoyed that you do well. This is due to psychological factors. For someone who knows what - so guilty conscience - he will show more patience. But with the shallow, naturally he sees everything you do bad, ugly and wear more "people".

7. Stumbling have frank conversations: Rarely has the couple sat talking like the old days: about loyalty, responsibility husband and father. If you take away the said nearly said, he often sought to evade.

8. Having different odors: Just observant, you will discover a strange odor, strange signs on his body. Usually the perfume, the smell of women's cosmetics, very tough because of the smell. Although he has a bath or throwing clothes into the washing machine, the smell was still in the store within a few hours.

9. Fatigue or suddenly have more "creative" in their sex lives: The "it", he becomes extraordinary: more passionate, more creative or become tired, cold, degradation operator, refused to go to bed with you, for there is something to go to bed before or after.
10. Having many strange phone call: He hummed and off or over the telephone, and then screaming that the wrong number, someone kept calling him the wrong machine ...