Investigate security company

As investigators work to serve the company or large corporation needs to build themselves a strong security regime.

The work mainly as follows:
• Investigate the background of the applicant, business partners, competitors.
• Investigate cases of internal theft (see specific service).
• Investigate the causes of internal conflicts, unfair competition, and retaliating divide unity.
• Survey work expenses not clear.
• Investigate the source of counterfeit goods, pirated goods.
• Investigate the fake profile, accidents, anonymous letters and denunciations, workers compensation litigation andThe other ...
• Monitoring - monitoring the request (see specific service).

Often we set up an internal program to control the loss, theft in order to minimize company losses due to natural and man-made; predict accidents; protection of confidential information; Explosion ...

In addition, we also installed monitoring systems, protect confidential at the insurance division is weak, the parts containing important documents ... All of this equipment is the specialized equipment in the monitoring and tracking confidential.

With a desirable long-term cooperation, we will have the incentive for the company to calculate your price.