Survey helps law office

As investigators work to serve the lawyers in the defense.
This is a special type of investigation, exclusive to the lawyer's office.

We are hiring the lawyer's office in the case of necessity. Specific job is collecting documents and evidence at the request of lawyers. The lawyers will use the evidence documents that in protecting the rights of his client.

Currently in Vietnam this type is still uncommon. But with the current development momentum, the occurrence of cooperation between lawyers andThe Office Detective company is only a matter of time. This partnership will enable efficient work of lawyers rose vase reducing the wrongfully convicted project. Since then, the reputation of the lawyer also confirmed.

We offer this service in the following cases:

• Gather the materials on personal factors, family circumstances; Search alibi in terms of time (if any), interviewing people who have the ability to witness the scene; find evidence of the kind; search for documents, testimony.
• Subscribe to the petitioner or the person entitled to benefits related valoi to find out the factors that benefit the clients of the lawyer.
• Verify the profile of someone at the request of defense attorneys ...

If you find working with us is profitable and can help you complete the job rather better command of her, please contact us.