Services private detective investigating internal theft

Internal theft is a theft that is the main culprit causing acquaintances (people within the company, the family maid)

Because of many different reasons, so you usually do not want the interference of authorities in the internal thefts,

The following cases are common:
* Agency or your home burglaries happen vaban suspected insider perform.
* Department of theft, fraud occurs in the company because of personal reasons, you do not want to interfere with organ function.

In order for your request to be placed correctly, you need to distinguish between an internal thefts and thefts current one. If signs of burglary showed no signs of breaking or prying a ransacked mess ... it is likely due to acquaintance with your cause. But otherwise it is a simple thefts current.

There our intervention as soon as the probability of finding the culprit as high.

Depending on the facts and the information collected, we will offer a reasonable tariff and specific.