Monitoring Survey

This activity is tracked, recorded and synthesized the operation, the relationship of someone to document and report to the client.

The following cases lapho variables:
• Suspected their children hang out, hang out with your bad addictions ... through expressions such as decline in learning, spend more money, ...
• Suspect your husband / wife or his relatives adultery or seduction.
• Suspected debtor absconded ...
• Suspect women who love sex, or other shady ties.
• There needs to monitor the activities of Vaghi "objects" that his concern when you are away can not be controlled.

Normally we will conduct the monitoring - monitoring through several stages, each stage can last for several days. This helps us to monitor audience is more complete and efficient.

We will provide our customers with the photograph, filming footage (if any) vamot detailed report on the process of tracking objects.

If you are having doubts or suspicions raised on the other, please contact us!