Debt collection services

From dozens practice law in practice, especially in economic law, we find that the debt problems among domestic enterprises are very common and exist many potential risks. In Vietnam today, the ambition to get rich at all cost's not business owners with the procedures established business

was now relatively easy to increase the number of companies do not have money but do not record the number of charter. Risks in business for genuine businesses have roots that part, because so many companies were created with unique media business is capital (assets) mutual appropriation.

Besides, the management of the business owners in Vietnam is not high, many businesses are not handled well its bad debts. In addition, businesses have also not been satisfactory from the convenience of credit support tool. These factors, along with the state capital appropriation has increased the debts of the business recovery true.

The consequences of these problems for legitimate businesses, bad debts are a serious impact to the capital strength and the ability of the company business, missed opportunities to do good business investment. A rotation of capital is a return of capital, which is included in a contract is a contract liabilities dead capital, by which it generates profits if they can not quickly recovered to continue the turnaround is not sufficient to offset the risk that the money (capital) to suffer daily.

Our company is a thorough understanding of the economy of Vietnam and proficient legal procedures, as well as experience in dealing with your debts will support the recovery of bad debts, bad debts, through his legal services.

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